Thought of the Day

As written at Prashanthi Nilayam on 26 - 9 - 2018

Devotion is referred to as upasana, which means dwelling near, feeling the Presence, or sharing the sweetness of Divinity. The yearning for upasana prompts you to go on pilgrimages, to construct and renovate temples, and to consecrate images. All this is karma of a high order; they lead to spiritual wisdom. First, start with the idea, “I am in the Light.” Then the feeling, “The light is in me,” becomes established, leading to the conviction, “I am the Light.” That is supreme wisdom. A dog caught in a room of mirrors sees all its myriad reflections as not itself but as rivals, competitors, and other dogs that must be barked at. So it tires itself out by jumping on these reflections, and when the images also jump, it becomes mad with fury. A wise person, however, sees oneself everywhere and is at peace, even happy that there are so many reflections all around. That is the attitude you must learn to possess, that will save you from needless bother. (Divine Discourse, Jul 7, 1963
- Baba