Thought of the Day

As written at Prashanthi Nilayam on 17 - 2 - 2020

The demons (danavas) are those who trample on love and consider inferior qualities as important, while the humans (manavas) are those who consider love as the only quality to be fostered and inferior qualities as snakes to be destroyed. Are they humans who have no sweetness in them and who endeavour to suppress the craving for immortality? Theirs is the nature of demons, though the form is human! For, the character and not the form is primary. How can those with human form be called humans if they have no kindness and no rightness, and if they have the nature of demons? Humans engage in soft and sweet deeds of kindness, rightness, love, and truth; they are witnesses to the possibility of realising and manifesting one’s immortality. Their good nature is resplendent on their faces as bliss (ananda). Without goodness, even if one is infatuated with joy, the faces will indicate only the destructive fire of the demon; it will not shine with the grace of spiritual bliss. -Prema Vahini, Ch 47.
- Baba