Thought of the Day

As written at Prashanthi Nilayam on 30 - 5 - 2020

When you pursue victory and wealth, remind yourself that they are shadows, not substantial things. When the Sun is behind you, can you ever reach your shadow even if you pursue it for millions of years? Never, your shadow flees faster and will always be beyond your reach. Instead, turn toward the Sun and proceed! Then, watch what happens. The shadow falls behind and follows your footsteps like a slave! Remember, shadow is the symbol of worldly illusion (maya)! As long as you follow worldly illusion, Madhava (God) is ignored and is out of sight. You cannot win His vision and grace and will ever remain in bondage, caught up in the coils of birth and death. From this atmosphere of dependence, sincerely endeavour to release yourself. Without realising your bondage, if all of your efforts are directed to the acquisition of sensual pleasures, it is a sure sign of rank ignorance. Instead use all your skill and energy to free yourselves! (Vidya Vahini, Ch 9)
- Baba