Thought of the Day

As written at Prashanthi Nilayam on 20 - 6 - 2018

Observe Me; what benefit can I derive from all My activity, I who assigns all benefits to all activities according to what they deserve? But yet, you will find Me busy from dawn to dusk, from dusk to dawn. I finish My lunch or dinner within minutes so that I can teach you the value of time; I attend to the smallest detail of all the various items of work, for I try to set an example for you, in meticulous attention to, and careful anticipation of, all contingencies. I know many of you idle away hours on end, wasting precious hours in idle gossip, purposeless talk and debate. When you practise the attitude that God is everywhere as the witness of every act of yours, that God is in every being you meet and serve, then, you will certainly be rewarded by a Vision of the Lord. When you have this brilliant chance, do not let it go through ignorance or negligence. The best way to win Grace is to obey instructions, follow the advice, and submit to the control exercised with lot of Love. [Divine Discourse, Nov 22, 1965]
- Baba