Thought of the Day

As written at Prashanthi Nilayam on 21 - 8 - 2018

People desire fruits of good actions, without doing good actions! You wish to be saved from the consequences of evil deeds, but, ask yourself, do you refrain from bad actions? You feel happy when someone gives you something. But do you feel equally happy in giving to others? As you sow, so shall you reap, is a relentless law! No one can escape from the consequences of their actions, whether good or bad. To enjoy enduring happiness, you must fill your mind with pure thoughts and entertain fine feelings in your heart. Through good thoughts and good kindly actions, the heart gets pure and holy. In the journey of life, body is like a cart and heart is like a horse. Unless you feed the heart well, the journey cannot proceed properly. The heart must be fed with good fodder in the form of Satsang (good company), Sat Pravartana (good conduct) and good thoughts. Submit everything as an offering to God! (Divine Discourse, May 3, 1987)
- Baba