Thought of the Day

As written at Prashanthi Nilayam on 17 - 9 - 2019

Many feel proud about the enormous expansion of education in the country. But is there any reason to be happy about the current situation? An unhealthy expansion of education is as undesirable as an unhealthy bloating of the body. Acquiring degrees at great cost and out of intellectual pride developing contempt for one's parents is not a sign of proper education. Humility is the hallmark of true education. Arrogance, envy and ostentation should have no place in a properly educated person. People crave for peace and happiness but they do things which bring unhappiness and worry. Having been born as human beings, you should try to rise above the level of animals. You are all essentially sparks from the Divine. But like sparks coming from a furnace after a while turn into ash, you are forgetting your divine origin. While pursuing your education for worldly purposes, you should also practice spiritual discipline, which will lead you to God. (Divine Discourse, Mar 1, 1981)
- Baba