Thought of the Day

As written at Prashanthi Nilayam on 22 - 9 - 2020

There are many who talk cynically of even Satya (truth), Dharma (righteousness), Shanti (peace) and Prema (love). They say that if you stick to truth nothing can be got done, that a little lie helps much; that Dharma is what suits the need of the moment; that if you practise Shanti, you will only receive all the blows on your own back; that if you become famous as a man of Prema, the entire village will squat on you and share your hard-earned wealth. Therefore, they conclude, you will be a fool if you decide to practise these four virtues. But, just think a little and you will find out the absurdity of the criticism. It is the lie that requires intelligent bolstering, clever avoidance and deeper memory! It is much easier to speak the truth and be done with it. What you have seen or heard or done, speak about these just as you saw or heard or did! And, what is Dharma? Practising what you preach, doing as you say, keeping precept and practice in line. Earn virtuously, yearn piously; live in the fear of God, live for reaching God - that is Dharma. (Divine Discourse, Mar 30, 1965)
- Baba