Thought of the Day

As written at Prashanthi Nilayam on 20 - 1 - 2018

Celestial spheres are revolving and disintegrating. Time is fleeting. Age follows age. Era succeeds era. Bodies that have taken birth, grow and end. But the urge to sanctify life with good works and good thoughts is nowhere evident. The fragrance of sincere spiritual practice (sadhana) is not found anywhere in the present times. Through the process of 'giving up’, great things can be achieved. Cultivate detachment, and the Lord will attach Himself to you. The past is beyond recovery; those days are gone. But tomorrow is coming towards you. Resolve to sanctify it with Love, Service and Sadhana. Love, adore and serve the Almighty Lord (Sarveshwara) who is resident in all mankind and through that realise Him. That is the highest Sadhana. Serve every being as God. Give food to the hungry, food that is the gift of Goddess Nature; give it with love and humility. Give it, sweetened with the name of the Lord. (Divine Discourse, Mar 29, 1968)
- Baba