Thought of the Day

As written at Prashanthi Nilayam on 25 - 3 - 2019

Many grieve: “It is said that getting the opportunity to see a holy person (darshanam) is destruction of sin (papa nashanam). Well, I have had darshan not once but many times, and yet my evil fate has not left me and I am suffering even more than I did before.” True, you may have come and had darshan, and you have sown fresh seeds secured from then onwards - seeds of love, faith, devotion, good company, Godly thoughts, remembering God’s name and so on, and you have learnt the art of intensive cultivation and soil preparation. So you have now sown the seeds in a well-prepared field of cleansed hearts. Don’t you have to wait for the harvest? Until the new harvest comes in, like you consume the grain already stored from previous harvests, the troubles and anxieties are the crops you collected in previous harvests! Hence do not grieve and lose your heart. Persist in your sadhana! (Shivaratri Discourse, March 1963)
- Baba