Thought of the Day

As written at Prashanthi Nilayam on 16 - 2 - 2019

Do not yield to despair. Even the infant lotus buds bloom in their own good time. By the cumulative effect of the good done in many previous births, you have secured this fortune; you do not know how much you have gone through, but I know! And, whether you know or not, I shall certainly satisfy all your needs. You must take in the medicine I give and also follow the diet I prescribe and avoid the things I prohibit. Take the Form you like and meditate upon it, take the Name you love and repeat it, then no evil thought will arise. Wicked thoughts will flee. When they have fled, what remains is the Embodiment of Atma (Atmaswarupa). Lead your lives according to My Teachings, without the slightest modification. First have faith, then the experience is granted. You worship with faith and you will experience Grace. Faith results in Grace without your being aware of it. → Divine Discourse, Oct 25, 1961
- Baba