Thought of the Day

As written at Prashanthi Nilayam on 20 - 7 - 2018

You insure life because you are not quite sure of it, isn't it? To assure yourselves of a comfortable life, you are persuaded to insure and pay premia. But God alone can guard you against the terror of death. You can derive happiness by controlling and conquering the mind and the senses. Iron and steel are produced in blast furnaces, where ore is melted and other components are added. The molten iron is carried in pails by cranes and poured by ladles. Though the ladle handles heat, it is immune to it. The crane holds other materials, but does not hold itself! The mind is like that. It holds, it manipulates, it handles all other things but it cannot carry itself or manipulate and transmute itself! The mind cannot hold the holder, that is to say, the Inner Motivator, God. So in order to save yourselves from the waywardness of the mind and its minions, you have to hold on to the 'Holder’. (Divine Discourse, Mar 11, 1968)
- Baba