Thought of the Day

As written at Prashanthi Nilayam on 18 - 3 - 2018

There are some people who get up from bed with a disturbed and agitated mind. Don’t do that! Arise from your sleep with a peaceful mind. Think of God. If parents criticise each other as soon as they get up from bed, surely, children also will start quarrelling and fighting with each other! Children always try to emulate their parents and hence, parents should set an example to their children. You should teach them by practice, not merely by precept. Under any circumstance, do not give room for anger or hatred. Never hate anybody. The hatred in you will come back to you as reflection and make you suffer. You may have to face some difficulties and sorrows, but never mind. Be calm and composed. Consider everyone as embodiments of Divinity. Your salutation or ridicule, whoever it may be addressed to, reaches God. Offer your respects to everybody. Share your love with one and all. (Divine Discourse, Apr 2, 2003)
- Baba