Poem: Criticism

This poem describes different aspects of criticism and how we can make the best use of it

Criticism and success go hand in hand
Criticism comes before success in hand

view the point in criticism before-hand
and criticism is nothing but success-band.

The trees that grows mangoes largest
get the stone throws at the largest

there is always a point in the critic.
which has to be learned with all the civic.

inability to accept criticism is bad
it drains your chances and makes you sad

Unjust criticism has two sources
Ignorance, jealousy are the forces.

An open mind and an open ear
will solve the problem for all the year.

The greater people were greatly criticized
Lincoln, Gandhi all were criticized

the greater the criticism greatly they capitalized
great are their stories that should be memorized
- Praveen Kumar-
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This poem is a humble submission at the lotus feet of baba.