Pre-Vedic Music Period

There are many stories have creation of music.

In India, is Brahma is the god of creation who created music. Lord Shiva learnt music from Brahma who then passed it on to Saraswati. the from turn others Nararada, and of that invented to demon drum stories asleep. that from western face Raaga Hindola, from the Northerly facing face Raaga Megha, from the southern face Raaga Dipak, the skyward face gave Shri Raaga. Raaga Kaushika was born from the face of Paravati.

The melodic image (swaroopa) of a raga is very important,if not played correctly it can ruin a Raaga or Raagini. Stories containing this lesson follow as, obedient musicians thought that if they broke the rules of playing a raga, they would suffer gods wrath. Another story goes, once Naarada thinking that he had mastered the art of music, went to Lord Vishnu, who took him to the abode of the gods. On their way there they passed some women who were weeping over their broken limbs. When asked what had happen by Lord Vishnu, the reply came that they were Raaga and Raagini and were the creation of Lord Shankar. They went on to say that the unskilled and neglectful renditions of Naarada had distorted their features and that if they didn't hear these raagas and raaginis sung correctly by either Lord Shankar or some other equal musician they could not have their features restored. Naarada begged forgiveness from Lord Vishnu. In the end the Raagas and Raaginis were sung correctly and Raaga and Raagini's forms were restored.