Building the Sai Community

Interactive Feature

Welcome to the new feature "Interactive". This is to replace the old style magazine that was issued previously on a quarterly basis. The general aim is to continue the goals:

  1. To promote spiritual upliftment
  2. To gather together and share diverse views and experiences in a harmonious manner
  3. To promote Unity in Diversity

which the magazine endeavoured to pursue through the medium of the world wide web but make it more accessible and current in order to build a Sai Community.

How you can contribute to the Community

Photo showing link allowing you to contribute an article

On the sidebar of most of the existing sections of the website, which includes; "About Sai", "Scripture", "Books" and "Balvikas", you will find an additional section labelled "Interactive. " Displayed under this label are various articles and contributions relating to that section. In addition there is a new "Spirituality" section which will allow contributors to relate their devotional and philosophical experiences.

You will be able to participate by submitting your own piece (an article, comment or experience) relating to each section of the website by clicking the 'How you can contribute...' link at the foot of each sidebar.

Simply read the instructions presented once clicking the 'How you can contribute...' link, fill in the form attaching your contribution and your work will become part of the website to help the wider Sai Community.

We humbly commend this new feature to Bhagavan Baba and hope that he is able to use this feature in His work.