About this Website

About the Group

The group sai devotees had started informally meeting about 10 years ago. We started by visiting peoples houses doing bhajans/kirtan. At this time there were only a few members present, some playing instruments and others singing.
The houses we visited were determined by people calling us and asking us to do bhajans at their home.

Time passed and a rota system was implemented as fewer and fewer people wanted bhajans in their home. We tried this method for a few months but it was failing due to people working late and so bhajans could not be held at their homes.

A member of the prajapati association had come in contact with one of our group members and had told him that their hall was for free every Thursday evening and so we could hold bhajans there.
This was entirely by chance as we had constantly been trying to ask a number of halls to accommodate us but with no luck. Somehow by Swami's grace this chance popped out of thin air.

Since then the group has flourished and is still present at the same hall. We are now having many regular visiters and a balvikas class has been started to teach young children about human values. Also, the group is now active in seva and all this along side bhajans every Thursday.

We are also able to use the same hall for free to hold functions such as poojas, or celebrations. We have collaborated with other sai centres in the west midlands district and hold birthday celebrations on Swami's birthday.
This has led to a tighter integration of the community and is leading to unity.

The future for the group remains at the lotus feet of bhagwan and we hope to serve the community as much as we can.

About The Website

This website has been produced to help the people who attend the bhajans/kirtan group's activities obtain information. At the same time the site also aims to educate other of our work and encourage participate in our activites.
The site also, as many other Sai Baba web sites do, provides information on Sai Baba who is our motivator to do this work.

Rather than producing content directly, the site is aiming to gather information from other websites that are offically sanctioned by the Sai Organisation so that information is accurate and is detailed enough.

About the Site - Technology and Ideals

This site uses a variety of technologies such as PHP, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and Javascript and the standard XHTML. These are programming languages and/or scripting languages that help web designers control page layout and formatting but also add more functionality to what is baiscally a static page.
This has helped to make the visits to the site more interactive and easier to navigate.
As a rule of thumb this site wishes not to include a lot of images unless necessary as a standard modem takes more time to download all this data. Therefore PHP allows a dynamic way to add data to pages from a number of sources while still making the site maintainable yet compact.