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An Experience with Mother Sai

A childhood experience with Sri Sathya Sai Baba

It happened in the year 1980 when I completed my 6th std in the town Tiruvannamalai, a place famous for Sri Ramana Maharishi and many other yogis like Sri Sheshadri Swamigal and Bhagawan Yogi Ramsuratkumar and the like. My grandfather Sri.R.K.Ramanathan was staying in Whitefield and was continuing his Service under Central Government Military Department.

Every May my parents Sri.R.Raghunathan and Smt.Lalitha and I go to Whitefield to meet my grandparents, my father's parents, and spend time with them. My grandparents especially my grandfather is a very staunch devotee of Swami who advises and encouraged us to participate in nagarsankirtan and also take us (me and my sisters) to have Darshan of Baba. My Mother and I have many times watched a white glow behind swami's back side of hair.

One day my grandfather took me aside and gave me one small sized notebook and a chain with swami's dollar and asked me to go to Swami's darshan and get the things blessed by him. He also instructed me that Swami will respond only if you cry for Him.

Keeping my grandfathers advise in my mind I went to have Swami's Darshan at the then Whitefield. That time there was a huge tree, under neath which a statue of Krishna was placed. Whoever goes first can go there and occupy the first line.

So I went early and occupied the first line and was waiting for Swami to come. He came along our line and I was waiting with the book and chain above my head. Swami walked away very fast and crossed me without blessing the things and was blessing a lady seated next to me. Suddenly my heart melted and I cried from within O mother. Immediately the loving mother turned towards me and blessed the things with such a loving smile which I will cherish till this body is fired.

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