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Report: Eeswarmma Day Celebrations

Report on the Eeswararmma Day activities taking place in Birmingham, UK

Author: Hiren, Damien and Alkesh

After many weeks of preparation by the Birmingham Bhajan Group, Eeswaramma day (that is celebrated to honour the devotional service to ones mother as directed by Sri Sathya Sai Baba) had finally arrived (On the 3rd May 2004).

The day began with the early arrival of all the Birmingham Bhajan Group eager to transform the Shree Prajapati Association hall into a mesmerising stage. With the stage set with pictures of not only Eeswaramma but also the photographs of peoples' mothers we could see that the theme for the day was to be how a mother should be respected. This was accomplished only by the family atmosphere produced by the individuals working in unity with the one goal of a terrific day.

Activities for the day included a very necessary reminder by a learned Panditji (priest) from the Venkateshwara (Baliji) Temple in Tividale about ones duties towards our mothers. He stated very clearly that mother is to be worshiped before even bhagavan, as she contains the powers of all the tri-devis within her, creator (birth), sustainer (love and protection) and destroyer (anger-mata Kali).

This was then followed by prayers and a devotional song (which they had written and composed) dedicated to mother Eeswaramma by the students of Balvikas.

A pooja or worship of all the mothers in the audience was also performed, the children fed their mothers with sweets and bowed down to them expressing the bond between mothers and their children, one guest exalted himself exclaiming that :

"To feed ones mother and ask for her blessings is the most adoring experience I have ever seen honouring motherhood."

A play was then performed by the youths, exemplifying the way in which a mother should be honoured by her children as stated by Sri Sathya Sai Baba. The play illustrated how a mother's children should cherish their mother, even in the gravest of circumstances.

The day was also filled with a variety of bhajans assisting in creating a harmonious atmosphere accompanied by dancing that was pleasing to the eyes.

To conclude the days festivities Vinodbhai (the compere for the day) vocalised an Arti with the audience before the serving of prasadam began, allowing for all those in attendance to relax and be able to socialise.

The days festivities were very much enjoyed, filled with such admiration for the mothers in attendance, not only allowing for praise but also for the understanding of what a mother really is. It was a great success for all, congratulations to all whom took part! The day allowed for great contemplation about the day-to-day struggles our mothers go through for the pleasure of her children, and how we should learn to embrace her at every chance we get.

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