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Divine Drink

Explanation of 'divine drink' and it's effects

Recently I have been considering the idea of bhajans or kirtan. Through my own experience I have "grown" to enjoy bhajans. Although it is said that you should, bhajans for me has needed a specific environment for, not only for myself, but for others to enjoy the divine songs.

My role in bhajans has been to play the tabla/dholak. Through playing this instrument I have found that I have had to listen to the people who are singing. Through learning this skill I am able to tell when an audience is heightened in their enjoyment of the kirtan. It is this enjoyment that had led me to the thought of bhajans being the divine drink.

Swami says that bhajans is the divine drink and many other gurus have also said the same directly and indirectly to me. Still in a confused position about bhajans I was constantly asking myself what the purpose of it was and what did all these gurus mean by bhajans being the divine drink. It wasn't until one guru had said, when you experience god, you feel an extreme surge of heat through your body. I was trying to relate this to my experiences in my daily life and funnily enough I found that this never happened to me.

It was in a session of bhajans that while I was playing this sudden burst of heat came across me. It wasn't like anything I had experienced before. The heat was so intense that it caused a bout of exhaustion but then it seemed to relax me, that is when the real true divine drink had shown it's splendour.

Such enjoyment came from the following bhajan sessions that I then began to observe the long term effect of it. I found that in my daily life of strict time tables, lots of work and little relaxation time came this refreshing burst of energy given by the bhajans. It had not only given this burst of energy but it kept me going through all the ups and downs of the week ahead.

But I hear you asking, what are the right conditions to experience this feeling? Well, the answer cannot be fully explained but from my experience, a person would need to come to bhajans with positive intentions, in a good mood and during the bhajans you should get fully involved and fully participate. I'm afraid the rest is for you to figure out through your own experiences.

Therefore, the real meaning of the divine drink, to me, is that it reminding us of god and the immense anand (bliss) that can be experienced and help you in ways in which you cannot imagine.

Jai Sai Ram

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