Everything Matters

Everything around us is nothing but reaction,resound and reflection

There was a loud pop music going on in Arun’s room.Arun was a teenager and loved all sorts of music. Especially, the pop. As soon as he was back from school he would switch on the radio and listen to the pop channel. To tell you he totally had transformed himself like a rock star. His appearance with long hairs up to the neck oh god! It was really a pathetic sight to watch him grow. All good things that he once was keen on listening and following now took a deviation to the teenage changes. For all the things his parents said he would just ask why not? Or why Me?
His Mother didn’t know how to make him understand how everything matters .The things we see, the things that we hear and everything that we do with our sense organs have to be in tune with the Divine Formula.Meaning, hearing good, speaking good, and seeing good.
The loudness of the music could be heard from outside.
“Arun” no answer Arun “no answer.
“Oh God what am I to do with this boy.”
There was a thumping on the door.
Finally the door opened and Arun was standing and asked what was the reason for her pounding the door so loud.
His mother Geetha said “Arun you will become deaf one day by listening to this music”
He was already half deaf in paying attention to what his parents were telling Him.
“Ma, this is Music you see, and you know I love music.”
She tried to switch it off but was of no use. When she tried to tell her husband, her husband was planning to buy an I-pod so that he would not use loud sound.
Geetha told her husband” Look, you are the one who is spoiling him by buying him whatever he wants and later when something goes wrong you come to me and say that I am not taking proper care of him. Mark my words one day he will be in big trouble and then you and your son will understand.” So saying she went into the kitchen.
Arun had a very good friend name Varun who was the same age as him. He was his neighbor too.
Both went to the same school and what a contrast!
Varun woke up early in the morning. Do his early morning prayers and start the day by hearing God’s prayers that his mother put in her house everyday in the morning.
He got good grades, had respect to his parents and obeyed them.
Geetha, Arun’s mom would always appreciate Varun and hoped if Arun too would be like Varun.
One day, when Arun’s behavior was getting out of control Geetha spoke to Varun and asked him to speak to Arun as he would listen to him.
Varun was an intelligent boy he thought about his friend who not only got bad grade but also was in bad company. He thought of telling him directly but he was waiting for the right opportunity.
One day, at school there was a fight between Arun and one of his group mates. The reason for the fight started with each one of them trying to make fun of one another and finally it came to Arun’s appearance. Arun could no longer control his anger and didn’t know how hard he had punched the other boy vivek.Vivek fell on the floor while the news reached the Principal and Vivek was taken to the hospital. Arun was suspended from school.
When the news reached the parents of Arun, they were horrified to know that their son would do such a thing.
Hung with shame Arun locked himself in his room and would hardly come out even to eat breakfast. His mother had to forcibly make him eat .
Varun could no longer bear the pathetic condition of Arun. He copied an extra notes for his friend and he knew that Arun wouldn’t wish to see him in this condition.
He decided to leave his friend alone for 2 – 3 days and then talk to him.
After three days, Varun came to visit Arun.
“Where is Arun aunty?” said Varun
Geetha pointed upwards to say that he was in his room upstairs.
“Hey Arun it is me Varun? I brought you the notes.
“Come on in “said Arun very meekly.
“Arun! What has happened to you? Vivek is getting better and his parents have advised their son too to do something better at school rather fighting.” Said Varun
“Varun if you too are trying to lecture me please I had enough of them.”
“Arun brought this CD which my dad had given me for my birthday present. It is very useful. I learnt a lot from it.I thought this would help you. I am leaving this CD you can return it to me later.Take care buddy. I wish to see you soon at school. Please let me know if you have any thing that you want to share .don’t forget I am always there for you. Now I don’t want to take much time of yours.bye…”
So saying he went downstairs.”Varun have some snacks. Did Arun talk to you properly? He is not talking much. Did he say anything?” asked Smt.Geetha.
“No aunty, I have to go mother will be waiting for me. Please don’t worry aunty. Everything will be fine. I have that much faith in Arun that he will change for the better.” So saying he went home.
Arun was not interested in anything he had gone crazy sitting at home doing nothing constructive. He tried playing video game, listen to music or watch movies but nothing soothed his tensed mind. So he finally decided to watch the CD which Varun had given.
The CD was about how everything that we perceive thru our sense organs would have an impact on our brain and as well as our mind. The mind lets everything inside just like a container and gets deep rooted into our sub consciousness and given a chance or a situation it would come out exactly in the same way it had perceived. Just like a mirror reflects every action that is performed so too the subconscious mind would project everything that has sunk deeply within. Loud noise or Music for instance would come out in the form of Speech, talking in a loud tone. Anything that we see would come out in the form of thoughts, positive or negative thoughts. Any thoughts that the mind entertains would come out in action, good or bad. So everything that we see, hear, speak have to be in tune with good thoughts, and Divine .The CD demonstrated how God’s prayers, like the chanting of the Gayathri Mantra or the AUM would sooth the mind. How meditation helps the mind calm down. Listening to good music made the mind steady. It also gave examples of how when one would listen to loud music, playing video games, watching bad movies had impacted the mind and how violent the person would be.
After watching the CD Arun realized how much he was one with the character of the violent person. Unknowingly his mind had become calm. There was repentance for his actions. Tears rolled his cheeks. His mother who was silently watching the CD from behind hugged her son and tried to console him.
He said”Ma, I am really sorry. I didn’t pay heed to you. I am so lucky to have Varun as my friend and of course you and dad too. I have learnt my lesson. I promise never to repeat it again. so saying he left the room hurriedly to go out.
“Arun where are you going?”Asked his confused mother.
“I will be back ma”So saying Arun took his bicycle raced towards the road.
“Oh god just now I was happy thinking that you put some sense in him. And now he is off again “said Smt.Geetha.
“Where is Arun?”questioned Ram, her husband.
“He just went out and now I am really worried?”She said.
“You are always worrying for everything. I am glad he went out and let him get some fresh air….. Before he could complete his sentence there was Arun wrapped up with bandage around his head.!!!
He was kind of limping and his parents rushed to get him. When he came inside,
Both his parents asked him what happened with a terrifying look on their face as if to say what was he up to now?.
Arun slowly sat down the couch and watched his parents and suddenly he cried”Gotcha!” and unwound the bandage slowly and showed his head.
His parents breathed heavily and said “Arun…. This time you really got us. So you went to the barber finally.!!!!!!!!!!”They all were laughing aloud and Varun came inside to know what the commotion was and saw Arun’s first change and he ran and hugged him.
This was Arun’s first step, a step that would lead him towards a positive Change in the days ahead.
The End….

Jai Sai Ram!