When The Sun, Wind And Rain Speak

A short poem on Swami's messages.


The Dark clouds seemed to have covered the Sun
The winds went wild having some fun.
The rains decided why we should be lonely
Each one of them enjoying so truly.

Hey what is it all about asked the Sun and what is this commotion?
It looked like everyone was having a meeting to have their right of motion.

The wind began look at these humans how selfish they are
Crying all the time this is my territory and you stay where you are.

You are right said the rain how silly arenít they
All are imposters and never mean what they say.
Mother Nature surrounds them with her arms wide open
They all seem to be blind though their eyes are open.

All the time exploring but never have time to watch us
How we wish we could tell them stop by and just observe us.

Power fame money is all that matters to them
Being selfless like us are the true Gems, how can they not know them.

Donít you agree my dear fellows how we stay unaffected
We give them everything they need but they still feel dejected.

Arise awake my dear children cries mother Earth
Enough of your selfishness, here is your second Birth.

Dear fellow beings listen to her when she is giving you a gentle warning
Before itís too late learn to live and find joy and peace in sharing.

Lets end our meeting now, as we need to do our duty
When they observe and follow believe me Life is a beauty.

The meeting came to a conclusion with all of them playing a pivotal role.
They decided to see each other soon if we needed their advice some more.

Now its up to us to follow their great advice Or
Are We guys ready to pay a heavy Price?