Love Is The Language Of The Heart

A short story enabling us to understand that love enables us to understand one another

Once upon a time there lived a small girl named Pam who was 5 years old, who lived with her family in the woods. Every day Pam would go out with her dad to the river to catch some fish. This was the only way that her dad could take care of their family. Pam had a little brother named Ross who was one year old. Pam loved her little brother. Pam was curious about everything that she saw in the woods. She would wonder how the birds could chirp so sweetly. She often wondered how melodious the sounds of the river flowing. Sometimes she got scared of the noises made by the swaying of the trees. She was always happy and loved to share her thoughts with her dad Mr. Peter. Mary, Pam’s mother was busy taking care of the little brother and cooking. When ever she wanted to share something Mary would say “Pam ,I have to take care of your little brother. Can you please tell me when I am free?” Pam would always reply,” You are always busy mommy and you do not have free time at all .All you do is work, work, work” so saying she would walk away with a grumpy face. This was a routine in their family and so Pam decided to share her thoughts with her dad who would answer all of her questions. Mr. Peter was proud of his little daughter.

One day it started raining and it was a very dark and cold night. Mr. Peter and his family prayed to God before having supper and while they were praying, they could hear meowing noise outside their door.”I will get it “said Pam running on her tiny toes and opened the door. She looked on either side and suddenly she felt something touching her legs she jumped out of fear and called her dad. Mr.Peter hearing the scream of his daughter ran towards the door and asked her what happened. Pam was still closing her eyes with great fear and shivering. She could feel the gentle touch of her dad.” Pam, its okay. Open your eyes and look what we found”. ”I am scared” said, Pam. Her father insisted and she opened her eyes slowly and to her joy she found two tiny eyes looking equally scared as her. ”A cat!” whispered Mr. Peter. ”Don’t you want to hold it” asked her father. ”No, daddy I am scared” cried Pam. “Look, Pam the cat is scared just like you. If you start loving her, she too will start loving you. Come let’s give her some milk.” Closing the door behind the two walked with the little unexpected visitor. Pam was all excited and she ran to her mother saying “Mommy look who came to our house a cat, a cat which will chase away a rat” she kept on singing it. Mr. Peter poured some milk to the hungry little cat and they finished their supper.”What shall we name her daddy?” asked Pam.”Well think of it the whole night and let me know tomorrow.” Said, her dad.

It was early Morning and was time for Mr. Peter to go fishing. Pam ran to her dad with a tired face. ”Daddy, I didn’t sleep the whole night and was thinking of a name but none of them suits her. Can you think of one?” enquired Pam. ”Sure, my doll. Stay with mommy today and take care of your little brother. I shall be back by Noon.” Said, Mr. Peter.

The Little girl looked at the light brown cat which was sleeping on a tiny cot that Mr. Peter had made for her the previous night. Pam didn’t want to disturb her she was watching it all the time. She filled a bowl with Milk and said “here little kitty, drink this Milk”. At first the cat just opened its eyes for the noise that was going around.”Hey, Kitty drink this Milk.” Said, Pam. The cat jumped out its bed and drank the Milk as if following its master’s instruction. Pam was so happy that the cat was actually listening to her. Where ever Pam went the cat would follow her. Pam stopped going with her father and began to play with her new little friend. If she got annoyed her little friend would play with the yarn and make her forget all her angriness. She brought joy on her tiny little face. She could talk anything with her new friend. It looked as if the little friend understood all her feelings. They became the best friends ever. But this little friend had not got a name yet.

After a long thinking Pam told her dad that she found a name for her cat.”Daddy, I am going to keep the name of my little kitty, Joy! Don’t you like the name daddy?”Asked Pam. Mr. Peter was very happy that her little daughter had finally got a name. One day after a long time Pam and Peter went out fishing together with Joy following them. Pam as usual and as curious she was asked her dad a very innocent question ”Dad, how can Joy understand whatever I say? I know what I am speaking. I know I am speaking English but Joy doesn’t know any English or any other language. Then how can she understand what I am telling her? Mr. Peter was smiling to himself. His daughter had put such an innocent question and he replied “Pam, its your Love that made Joy understand what you were trying to tell her. Dear child, Love is the Language of the Heart. Pam was very happy at the answer and she ran chasing Joy towards their way home. Pam found Love in Joy.