Good Morning Sai

Greetings to Bhagvan (in ABC fashion)

A day will dawn when you will see & hear the Lord early morning.

Before you expect things will happen when you attribute everything to Sai every morning.

Count your blessings the first thing every morning.

Do not waste time to think which name to address every morning.

Easy it is to thank Him for each & everything every morning.

First of all accept that God is your father & waits for you every morning.

God gets the assurance that you need Him every morning.

How melodious is the heartfelt prayers when we say with devotion every morning.

Inspite of a very busy schedule never miss your morning - prayer every morning.

Just believe that He is going to guide & guard you every morning.

Know for sure that God takes 10 steps when you take 1 step towards Him every morning.

Let us pray. meditate & love Him every morning.

Many think that meditation is difficult but once you try it you will enjoy it every morning.

Natural it is to discuss with God all our programmes every morning.

Our ?today? depends on what we do every morning.

Ponder in silence for a few moments every morning.

Question Him for any doubts, as then there will be no impossibilities then every morning.

Remember that all will be in perfect coordination every morning.

Solve all your problems by entreating the Lord every morning.

Think of the Lord in any form you like every morning.

Veil all unwanted thoughts & go beyond the vast space /time every morning.

We must be careful to begin our day every morning.

Xcell to contact the Lord at the appointed hour every morning.

You should have your break- fast with the Lord every morning.

Zeal to realize this infinite power & become conscious of the peace/ bliss
within you every morning.


Like a mother He loves; Like a father He cares; when we slip & fall
gently He lifts us all; He comforts us all though far & near cheering each
with His magic mantra; He takes all our sorrows & stress & in a life of strife
He holds our hands. He is a God so loving & compassionate upon His lotus
feet let us contemplate & say wholeheartedly ?Thank- You Dear Lord? for
each & every thing.